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We blend years of experience with data analytics to build a client retention strategy tailored to your business.

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Metrics We Improve

While we track numerous of operating and financial metrics, these three are the tripod of maximizing the impact

Client Retention Rate

It is far cheaper and easier to retain a client than to acquire new ones.

Average Revenue per Client

Clients are returning, now how do we maximize share of wallet? 

Frequency of Purchase

We look to decrease the amount of time between purchases. 

 Retention Analysis Audit

Are you tracking your client retention rate metrics? How confident are you that the methodology used to calculate your metrics is accurate or tailored to your business?

Key Metric Dashboard

We aggregate all your various data sources into one central location then configure our Retention Matrix Dashboard giving business owners near real-time access to the metrics that matter the most without any unnecessary noise.

Strategy & Execution

Where other solutions fall short we excel. Our optional add-on Fractional CFO consulting services ensure business owners reach their potential without overburdening them with having hiring full-time employees or specialty consulting shops to act on the analysis we provide.

"As a financial services firm, we refer our clients to Financials OnTap because they have the tools and knowledge to execute in areas we cannot."

– Andrew Litschi, President of Litschi Advisors

Questions We Help Answer...

What data should I be monitoring and how often?

If my retention rate was 5% higher how much additional revenue would I make?

Should I change my prices? How will clients react?

How much should I spend to acquire new clients?

Fractional CFO Services

What is a Fractional CFO?

A seasoned executive who works on an on-demand basis for companies ranging from startups to the small & mid-sized businesses.

Why Work with a Fractional CFO?

Hiring employees is not only an expensive and time-consuming undertaking, but it is also extremely risky in the case that your new hire does not work out.  A Fractional CFO does not have these

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